FiaSpec Additives is here to provide full service additive treatment solutions to meet the challenging, opportunity and routine specifications for the trading, terminal, petrochemical, oil field and refining markets.

We have a full line of additives that can be applied via inline treatment at a terminal, plant or refinery; during tank transfers; onboard a vessel at anchorage or lay berth; into a railcar, barge or tank.

All additives that are used for treatments have the required regulatory approvals:  REACH, EPA, CEPS, Colonial PL, etc.  We have the following additives available for fuel treatments:

  • H2S Scavengers / Mercaptan Scavenger Management
  • Distillate Treatments – Cetane, CFPP, Lubricity, Conductivity, Stability, Cloud Point, WASA (EN590 and other).
  • Cold Flow Improvers – Distillate and Heavy Oil Pour Point Treatments
  • Corrosion Inhibitors – NACE, Silver Strip, Copper Strip, Ethanol
  • Pygas/Naphtha – Stability Additives
  • Octane Improver (MMT)
  • Jet Fuel Additives – Metal Deactivator, Stability, Conductivity
  • Emulsion Breakers, Dehazers, Slop Emulsion Breakers, Solids/Slurry Settling Aid
  • Biodiesel Additives – Antioxidants, CFPP, Cetane Improver, Cloud Point
  • Dyes; Markers; Biocides (water and oil based)

Our additives team can provide the desired technical support and turnkey rapid response treatments including the following:

  • 24/7 Response for fuel treatments.
  • Pretreatment walkthrough to determine best method for treatment.
  • Sampling and Analysis to determine best product and optimum dose.
  • Technical Troubleshooting to help achieve specifications quickly.
  • Logistics Support to insure on time additive delivery in the proper container.
  • Portable, self-contained equipment for inline, onboard anchorage or lay berth treatments.