Crude oil testing and inspection services at FiaSpec are available for cargo tankers, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, and other sources. Our lab network is well equipped to provide crude oil testing conforming to industry standard protocols.

FiaSpec petroleum laboratories test crude oil to recognized industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, IP and others. Crude Oil Assay services could also be arranged. A dedicated staff of field inspectors, laboratory technicians and operations co-coordinators work around the clock to ensure client requirements are being met and to notify relevant parties when cargo analysis is off-spec.

Crude Oil Tests:

  • API Gravity

  • Density Sulfur

  • Sulfur Speciation

  • Mercaptan Sulfur

  • Carbon Residue

  • Chloride and Chlorides Content

  • Atmospheric, or Vacuum Distillation

  • High temp SimDis

  • Hydrogen Sulfide analysis

  • Crude oil light ends analysis

  • Trace Mercury Detection

  • Metals in Crude Oil

  • Crude Oil Assay