FiaSpec’s state of the art laboratories provide a full range of diesel fuel testing and field inspections. Services are offered for a wide range of fuels, including diesel fuel, Biodiesel blends, ULSD and other fuel oils.


Fuel Oil Services:

  • Diesel and No. 2 Fuel Oils

  • Biodiesel Testing/Blends

  • BS EN 590 diesel fuel testing

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) testing

  • Testing to ASTM and other protocols

  • Additive Services for Petroleum and Fuels

Diesel Fuel Tests:

  • Diesel cargo additive treatment

  • General properties, API gravity, density, relative humidity

  • Flash, Distillation, Simulated Distillations

  • Sulfur, Aromatics, Ash

  • Cetane Index, Cetane Number

  • Thermal Stability

  • Lubricity, HFRR

  • Metals

  • Microbiological contamination of diesel fuel

  • Fuel Test Kit for Microbe Detection (Diesel fuel)

FiaSpec closely monitors the ever changing CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) to ensure that processes are in place to meet today’s ecological needs. Fiainspection meets its responsibility to clients and employees in making sure they have current information, the latest available test methods and the equipment to meet these challenges and changes.