Gasoline fuel inspections and testing is available for refiners, blenders, distributors, cargo custody transfers and gas stations. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest, state of the art instrumentation and staffed with fully trained, experienced analysts. Gasoline fuels are tested using industry standard testing methods and to ASTM D4814, European, blended gasoline, pipeline, and/or US regulatory (CARB, EPA) specifications.

Our Laboratories provide full RFG gasoline testing and adhere strictly to US-EPA approved methods for RFG and conventional gasoline analyses.

Testing Services:

  • RFG, RBOB, Regulatory Compliance

  • CBOB, Conventional Gasoline

  • Full ASTM D4814 Specifications

  • Alkylates, Reformates, Naphthas

  • Other Blendstocks

The primary sulfur test procedure for all US RFG gasoline is D2622. Other ASTM methods: ASTM D5453, ASTM D3120 and ASTM D7039 may be used as long as a correlation program with ASTM D2622 is established. For the State of California, CARB D5453 is the primary sulfur test method.  Using CFR engines gasoline is tested to ASTM and other national and regulatory protocols. Octane tests measure gasoline characteristics related to engine knocking.

40CFR 80.46 Tests:

  • Vapor Pressure D5191 (EPA)

  • Aromatics D 5769, D5580, D1319 correlated

  • Benzene D 3606

  • Olefins D 1319

  • Distillation D 86

  • Oxygen D5599, D4815

  • Sulfur D 2622, Alternates D 7039, D 5453

  • Octanes D2699 & D2700